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The Process

Watch and learn about the process that we take to coat the under body of  your vehicle with Krown Rust Protectant.

A Krown application can help protect your car, suv, or truck from rust for many years. Here’s a deeper look at the process we take to protect your car with the Krown car rust protection product.

Parts Sprayed during Ohio Rust Protection Application

First, we spray the top of the shock towers, behind wheels, and wheel well lips. The entire wheel well area is completely protected.

Next, using our special spray guns and rods we spray the complete underside of the car or truck. We give special attention to above the gas tank where most other rust protection companies do not reach.

We then spray all of the car’s body panels including rocker panels, front and rear post areas, trunk, hood, doors, and other relevant areas.

Next, we spray the Krown product inside the engine compartment on all electrical connections, battery terminals, and other metal parts. Krown T-40 rust protectant does not conduct electricity therefore it is safe to spray on all electrical connections.

We also remove tail lights for added access to the rear panels of the your car or truck. This extra step makes sure your vehicle body is completely protected against rust.

Finally, we spray any seams, any metal trim, behind mirrors, and on any existing problem areas.

That’s the process of protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion. Find out more about the benefits of rust protection, frequently asked questions, or contact us today to ask more questions.

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