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Rust Protection

In our tough Ohio climate, our cars and trucks are severely affected by rust and corrosion. The ice, sleet, and snow all take a toll on the under body of each vehicle on the road. Throw in a damp Fall season and rainy Spring and it’s easy to see the odds are stacked against keeping our cars protected from rust.

Sure, a rusty car body looks bad but there are many more serious problems forming in the places you can’t easily see.

In fact, we see the problems from rust every day here at Gus’s Garage. It’s a common occurrence to repair or replace rusty brake lines, fuel lines, suspension parts, steering parts, and other important areas that keep your vehicle safe and running well.

We’ve had many customers need expensive rust-related repairs that had them deciding between costly repairs on a rapidly rusting vehicle or purchasing a new car. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

Seeing this situation time again for our customers made us want to provide another option. We searched for a product to give upfront protection against the effects of rust before they occurred, helping to maintain our customer’s initial vahicle investment.

That search eventually led us to Krown. They manufacture a rust protection system unlike any other that provides complete protection from the damaging effect of rust on your vehicle.

We’re now a proud authorized Krown® dealer providing expert application of their rust preventative products for cars, SUVs, trucks, and fleet operations.

The benefits of a Krown® rust prevention application are obvious but we’ll share a few anyway.

First, with rust stopped dead in its tracks, the cost to replace rusty brake lines, suspension, key electrical parts, and other repairs are reduced.

Rust Protection in Dayton OhioYou’ll also find that knowing your vehicle is safely protected offers you great piece of mind.

And when it comes time to sell your vehicle, a rust free car always brings a higher value.

These are just a few of the benefits in protecting your car from rust. Check out our page for other rust protection benefits to find out more.

Did we mention a Krown® application is cost effective too? Our rust protection starts at $120 for a small car and goes up in small increments from there for larger vehicles. Contact us with your specific car make and model and we can give you an exact quote.

Enviro Friendly Rust ProtectionThe Krown rust prevention product is also an environmentally friendly product containing no VOC’s, Solvents, Phosphates, or APE/NPE’s.



Watch the video below to find out about Krown®.

Want more information about Krown® rust protection? Check out our frequently asked questions, watch a video of Jon Snyder explain the Krown process, or learn more about the benefits of rust protection. You can also visit the Krown website here.

Have more questions? Or want to schedule an application for your vehicle? Call Jon at Gus’s Garage at 937-526-3051 or fill out the form to the right and we’ll email you back shortly.