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Tires and Alignment

Gus’s Garage offers everything you need to get new tires and get them aligned properly.

New Tires

We are an independent Versailles, Ohio tire dealer for most major brand names of tires for all makes of domestic and foreign cars and trucks.

Our tire services consist of tire wear and tread, tire rotation, tire replacement (if necessary), air pressure check, wheel balancing, and alignment.

If you find a hole in your tire or have wheel damage, read more about our tire repair services. But if your tires are worn down from use, then it may be more cost effective to have us replace them with your choice of major quality brand or if preferred, by a brand recommended by us.

Tire Alignment

Bumps, curbs, and potholes can all impact the alignment of your vehicle. In fact, misalignment can cause uneven tire wear which causes the car to feel like it is pulling to one side. This can be a sign of increased fuel consumption and premature wear on your tires.

If your car handles differently than normal, has uneven tire wear, uses more gas than usual, pulls in one direction, or shakes or vibrates while driving, call us to schedule a wheel alignment.

We make it a priority to use the most advanced alignment technology to align cars and trucks (currently the newest in Darke County).

Contact us to get your questions answered about tires and alignment today! 937-526-3051.

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